Xeonframe is the worlds first a decentralized B2B ecommerce ecosystem where Users in the ecosystem can exchange goods and services through a Decentalized App using blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform that will change the way people discover,purchase,track,advertise and resell items online.

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ABOUT XeonFrame

Xeonframe Networks uniquely solves for fundamental vulnerabilities in the ecommerce ecosystem, Particularly focused on ecommerce innovations, payment security, anonymity, decentralized payment gateway, payment restrictions and payment processing times by bringing a decentralized architecture and consensus security protocol to the ecommerce space.

As such,Xeonframe is able to establish an immutable digital ledger for every user on its network using a decentralized architecture and smart contracts providing secure and fast payment gateway in a very large ecommerce ecosystem.Our architecture combines advanced on-chain and off-chain resources as well as ecommerce technological innovations like AR shopping,Machine learning X commerce,Voice Bot and photo shopping providing real time shopping experience. 



Digital commerce has gone beyond “buying something on a website” to a series of interactions that rely on technology and efficient payment gateways to move goods and make payments. Xeonframe network is incorporating B2B ecommerce system to the present B2C system attainable in our tradition eCommerce ecosystem.


Xeonframe enables secure transactions between consumers, businesses and manufacturers through a blockchain-based registry providing unique user identity and public key for each user to be validated on the xeonframe network.


A Xeonframe Decentralized application would manage all data and logic that should not be stored on the blockchain for privacy and performance reasons.

Fast payment gateway

Xeonframe offers a superfast payment gateway different from most decentralized payment gateway where transactions are confirmed in seconds.


Confidentiality of information and security of transactions are some of the benefits of introducing such anonymity within the xeonframe distributed ledger technology environment.

Ecommerce Innovations

Xeonframe employs innovative technologies like AR (Augument reality) shopping experience, Mobile checkout through decentralized token, machine learning x ecommerce, Photo shopping and Voice interaction Bot

Referral programme

Xeonframe introduces a completely decentralized referral program whereby each user would be able to claim their referral commissions at no cost and start accepting and giving away Xeon Tokens immediately

Token DIstribution Allocation

What are our major goals?

Protocol feasibility analysis

Q2 2017 DEC

commence project development

Q2 2018 JAN

XeonFrame whitepaper

Q2 2018 FEB

Token sale preparation and smart contracts

Q3 2018 MAR


Q3 2018 MAY

Public Presale

Q1 2018 JUN

Public Crowdsale

Q2 2018 JUN

Token Distribution

Q4 2018 JUL

Referral reward

Q2 2018 JUL

XeonFrame platform and DApp launch

Q4 2018 AUG

Xeonframe integrates AR,Machine learning X ecommerce,voice Bot and mobile checkout

2018 OCT

Geographical expansion

2018 DEC

Global unified shopping accounts with Xeonframe token cryptopayment gateway is launched


ICO Calendar

There will be a total and finite supply of 150,000,000 Xeons. Of that supply: 73,000,000 Xeons will be listed for sale as part of the token pre-sale,public presale and crowdsale events; with 30,000,000 XFT held in reserve the company and introduced to the market in various ways, including bounties, team compensation, testing, and to manage rewards in the future.

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
2018-05-22 2018-06-12 18000000 Xeon 0.2 USD
2018-06-18 2018-07-04 34000000 Xeon 0.25 USD
2018-07-25 2018-08-15 30000000 Xeon 0.3 USD

Our Awesome Team




team memeber


14+ years of experience in the ecommerce industry,Founder of Xeonframe Networks. Previously worked at global consulting firms ,a successful blockchain investor,cryptocurrency expert and technology entrepreneur.
team memeber


Serial ecommerce entrepreneur with over 12yrs experience.Chief Operating Officer Alibaba for 4 yrs.Highly strategic and drives the global teams across all the office to execute the company’s goals.
team memeber


Ph.D in Machine Learning and Augumented reality at National University of Singapore. Engineeing Manager and consultant at Google.Extensive experience in startup, investments and building up ecosystem
team memeber


NORMAN OSAMU brings his extensive security knowledge and expertise to XeonFrame Networks ICO Project, having previously served as the Technical Advisor for the Ministry of National Defence Cyber Command and the Advisor of Cyber Security & Technology for the National Police Agency.
team memeber

BERTHOLD CHENG-Product developer

Berthold Cheng is a full-stack developer with 7+ years experience fields of IT solution development,Enterprise Architecture and product Design.He has a master degree in Technology Entreprenuership and innovation from the McMaster university.
team memeber


Jett brings her experience in digital marketing, branding and creative direction from the U.S. to the XeonFrame ecommerce Project team. With a commitment to the mission and core values of the company, she looks towards a world that is positively changed through blockchain technology.
team memeber


Russell has a Master of science in Applied Mathematics and Physics(MIPT) .He is the author of several patents and numerous publications related to novel hardware and scientific computing. For the last 10 years sergey specializes in designing and developing scalable B2B and B2C solutions.
team memeber


14+ years of experience in software development.Ph.D in Data security at USC.Staff software at Intel.12 years of expertise in distributed systems,content protection,back-end development of full cycle projects, cryptography and blockchain enthusiast.
team memeber

LARRY MERLO-Blockchain Engineer

Master in computer Science at Columbia University Bachelor in Mathematics and computer science at university of Maryland .Expert crypto technology, Voice Bot ,Artificial intelligence(AI) and Internet of Things enthusiast.
team memeber


10+ years of experience developing high-load systems for the ecommerce ecosystem. previously worked as software engineer for IBM and nokia.
team memeber

JESSICA CHLAMERS-Global Head of Sales

Jessica is a sales and marketing executive who quickly identifies opportunities to expand efforts and outcomes in global settings. She has 6years+ in the marketing field and 4 years in the ecommerce industry having worked as marketing executive with Ebay
team memeber

MOULY SURYA-Digital Marketing Manager

An expert in performance marketing, Surya has worked across finance, education and advertising. Fluent in English, Arabic, French and Spanish, she has designed, executed and optimised large-budget campaigns across the globe.
team memeber

DR DEREK YANDEL- Strategic Advisor

Dr. Derek Yandel is an expert in blockchain technology, crypto currencies, digital transformation and entrepreneurship. He advises companies concerning their blockchain activities.He is also a member of the FinTechRat of the Federal Ministry of Finance and founding member of the German Blockchain Association e.V. and the Multichain Asset Managers Association.
team memeber

HYUN MASAAKI - Strategic Advisor

Chinese Serial entrepreneur for 15 years, venture capitalist and avid blockchain investor. HYUN is creating a vision and analytical tools to allow individuals, enterprises and the society at large to deal positively with the unstoppable transformation to a world based on decentralized exponential technologies that are disrupting the traditional centralized and hierarchical functions of governments and corporations
team memeber

MICHAEL DUBIN - Strategic Advisor

Michael has 14+ years of experience in entrepreneurship and leadership in a wide variety of sectors-technology,e-commerce,luxury consulting,insurance and marketing.He is an executive Board Member at Blockchain center in Germany. Head of software development, system integration, business development in information technology, Internet, telecommunications in such companies as Cisco, Nokia and DataA



Xeonframe is the worlds first a decentralized B2B ecommerce ecosystem where Users in the ecosystem can exchange goods and services through a Decentalized App using blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform that will change the way people discover,purchase,track,advertise and resell items online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Xeonframe is here to provide a decentralized real time shopping experience while solving the problem of transferring money between different payment systems, anonymity and security

We have an entirely global vision, with the goal of integrating AR (Augument reality) shopping experience, Mobile checkout, machine learning x ecommerce, Photo shopping and Voice interaction Bot into our decentralized ecommerce ecosystem. While this is a grand vision, it’s not entirely out of reach, and we have put together a business plan and team that’s capable of executing this on a global scale

Xeonframe will earn revenue through sales of goods and services on the ecommerce ecosystem using our dedicated.Additionally,business and manufacturers who want to market and advertise their products also pay a norminal fee hereby providing additional revenue for Xeonframe.

A token is a voucher that can be exchanged for goods or services. In the case of Xeonframe tokens, they are utility tokens that can be exchanged for goods and services in the Xeonframe ecosystem/platform.

An ICO is required in order to distribute XeonFrame tokens. Xeonframe tokens will be the useable cryptocurrency of the xeonframe ecommerce ecosystem platform, and has a number of use cases within the platform. The money raised will be primarily spent on system and blockchain development,social marketing and branding,inventory,working capita and corporate development in order to build partnerships with key stakeholders who will help the platform grow and expand. For a detailed explanation of our use of funds, please see our whitepaper.

Xeonframe tokens allow to be part of a growing ecosystem with a vision towards the future of ecommerce ecosystem. You should consider investing in the crowdsale if you're someone who wants to be part of a growing ecommerce start-up focused on alleviating challenges in the ecommerce ecosystem space using revolutionary technologies.

The minimum is 6000 ETH. The first part of the project has already been initiated and the next stage of development will take place with our newly raised funds. This will increase the value in the platform and allow room for more future investment to continue with subsequent milestones.If the softcap is not reached,all funds who be returned to investors by token Escrow

The hard cap is set at 37,000 ETH.

There are a number of platforms such as Coinbase or similar, which are the easiest way to buy cryptocurrency. After verifying your account, you can add a number of payment methods including credit or debit cards, U.S. bank accounts, or wire transfers of funds.

Payments can be made with Ethereum and Bitcoin. The funds are credited to your personal account on the Xeonframe platform, from which you will receive tokens through the token launch.

Tokens will be stored in a digital wallet within the XeonFrame platform

The token has value associated with its utility in the platform. As our platform grows its utility will increase, and this will be exponential due to network effects and innovations. We cannot comment on the price in a month, or a year, but we expect that it will increase due to increase in usability and functionality of the platform.

your username is your last name.

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